"Inés Sí Studio is the production house for my work, a creative space centered on art inspired by plant and animal life. From delicate silk scarves to bold block prints, my work often begins outdoors. Animal tracks, leaf patterns, cracks in the ice: these are common points of departure.

I relish encounters with nature. Discovering a paper wasp nest or finding a salamander under a log - these are fleeting yet powerful junctures that keep me awake in the world. It is this feeling of being alive and connected that I aim to communicate through my work."


Inés is an artist and illustrator that believes in the transformative power of beauty. From the favorite mug that you drink tea with every day to the doorknob that fits perfectly in your hand, if we surround ourselves with beautiful objects our personal spaces, our communities and our world all shine more brightly.


Inés finds the natural world to be the greatest source of inspiration. When she is not swimming in a lake or high up on a mountain top, she can be found drawing in her studio or looking up photos of old scientific illustrations. Inés also draws continuously from traditional Mexican art and crafts and loves traveling as a way of learning to see differently.


Inés was born in Switzerland and raised in California. She graduated from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York and now lives between Mexico, California and New York. She has studied scientific illustration, botanical illustration, sculpture, and printmaking.